What's the difference between this candle, and a candle I can buy at a store?

Candles made with parafin wax and/or fragrance oils and perfumes are extremely harmful not only to you, but everyone that inhales them. Cosmic Healing Candles was crafted from nature with soy wax, pure essential oils and a cotton wick to ensure a clean, non-toxic burn for you, your family and pets! Also each of our candles include on of our hand picked healing crystals.

How long does it take to ship?

Since all of our candles are hand crafted and made to order, once an order is received it could take up to 2-4 days to ship. Please expect your candle in 1-2 weeks of your order.

Do you take special requests and/or bulk orders?

YES - absolutely! Please submit your request to info@cosmichealingcandles.com. At that point, we will be able to put together a price plan.

What is the most efficient way to burn a Cosmic Healing Candle?

For your first burn, burn at least 2 hours. After each use, be sure to to cut the wick prior to lighting and burn for at least one hour. This will ensure an even burn and avoid any tunneling to occur. As always, don't leave the candle burning un-attended, but most importantly, ENJOY your candle!

What is the candle burn time?

Each candle burns approximately 20-24 hours.