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Calming Lavender


Our candles are 100% all-natural and infused with a hand chosen healing crystal.

Immunity Spray

Room & Body Mist

Made with pure essential oils to help relax you and your family.


Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers now here in limited supply!

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Our Story

After our 5 year old fur child was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma, I found myself down a rabbit hole of research as to how this could have possibly happened. 

Little did I know, the candles I had been burning on a daily basis were full of harmful toxins, including paraffin wax, lead wicks, and fragrance. These were not only dangerous to my health, but also to my family and pets. I started making my own non-toxic candles at home for my family to use, and my husband saw my passion and encouraged me to share these candles to the world. This is when I started Cosmic Healing Candles. 

As we become more aware of the harmful toxins and chemicals that fill everyday candles made with fragrances, perfumes, paraffin wax, and lead wicks - Cosmic Healing Candles provides a handcrafted little piece of heaven for you to enjoy that flickering flame without the worry of harming the health of you, your family or your pets.

Each candle is hand poured in San Diego, CA with the following : 


soy wax.