Bring the earthy tones of sage and lavender to your home! This candle is perfect for new spaces, mediation and every day burning.


Blue Kyanite is known to encourage communication and self-expression. It cuts through fears and blockages, helping to speak one's truth.


**Sage clears bacteria in the air. Sage smoke offers rapid delivery to the brain and efficient absorption to the body. Scientists have observed that sage can clear up to 94 percent of airborne bacteria in a space and disinfect the air. When sage is burned, it releases negative ions, which is linked to putting people into a positive mood. The Latin word for sage salvia stems form the word heal. Other qualities believed to be associated with sage when burned are giving wisdom, clarity, and increasing spiritual awareness.**

Clearing Sage & Lavender | Blue Kyanite

  • For your first burn, ensure your candle burns for at least 2 hours to avoid tunneling. After each use, cut the wick prior to lighting and burn for at least one hour. As always, don't leave the candle burning unattended.