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Bring holiday cheer to your space with a combination of pine, cinnamon and vanilla essential oils, infused with a Red Jasper crystal.


Red Jasper is one of the strongest Root Chakra stones. It helps to ground you and stabilize your thoughts, emotions, and aura. Red Jasper also helps to balance you and is a stone of physical strength and energy. It helps you find courage in difficult times, and integrity in situations of emotional trial.

Holiday Cheer | Red Jasper

  • For your first burn, ensure your candle burns for at least 2 hours to avoid tunneling. After each use, cut the wick prior to lighting and burn for at least one hour. As always, don't leave the candle burning unattended. 

  • Each candle is hand poured into a 6 oz tin, but the wax fill line is approximately 5.2 oz.