Purifying | Earthy

Sage and Lavender essential oils come together to bring a cleansing and calming blend. Lavender essential oil is commonly used for restful sleep and helps ease tension and anxiety. Sage essential oil boosts confidence and mental strength, alleviates feelings of stress and anxiety.

Ingredients: Sage and Lavender Essential Oils, Witch Hazel, Distilled Water.

Clearing Sage & Lavender

  • Shake well before using. Apply as a body spray to cleanse your aura energy field or in your surrounding space.

  • Each spray has their own unique blend of essential oils to create aromatic healing properties. Those that are enhanced with crystals carry a special energy that can help raise your vibration and increase your overall well-being. 


    Your mist will arrive in a 4 fl oz (BPA free) amber plastic bottle to help protect and preserve the essential oils.